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Are you in need of a concrete sealing service? Make your old stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and interlocking brick pavers look like new again! Restoracrete is Benco Concrete Inc.’s sealing division that takes pride in extending the life of your surface.

 Why Do I Need to Seal My Concrete or Pavers?

Sealing will protect your concrete or brick pavers against moisture and sun. This process establishes an invisible barrier on top that repels water, oil and anything else that might be dropped or spilled on the surface. Sealing will also preserve the natural beauty and help prevent infestations of insects and weeds commonly found between pavers.

 How Long Does It Take?

The process should only take 2 days, weather permitting. We recommend that you do not drive on your newly sealed surface for 48 to 72 hours. You can walk on it 2 to 4 hours after completion.

 Will There Be a Cloudy Residue Left on Top?

By using a high-end sealer and highly-trained professionals, your surface will have a clear, vibrant satin finish. You will not see a cloudy film. All of our sealers are available in low, medium and high gloss.

 Will It Make My Surface Slippery?

We use a non-slip additive in our sealer which prevents your concrete or brick pavers from becoming slippery. Don’t let the fear of slips and falls prevent you from protecting your investment.

 How Do I Know If I Need to Reseal?

If your concrete or brick pavers are looking dull or faded, resealing will return the vibrant look of a new installation. Simply run some water over the top of your surface. If the water does not bead up, you might need a fresh coat of sealer.

 How Often Should I Reseal?

The quality and type of installation you have will play a role in how long the sealer lasts. In general, the first sealing should last 1 to 2 years depending on various factors including traffic, rain and sun. Through the course of multiple applications, you can expect a longer lasting performance. You might also want to reseal for aesthetic reasons as this will bring out the beauty of your concrete or brick pavers and make the surface look new again.

If you have questions about sealing, please contact us.

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