Concrete Driveways: Call Your Exposed Aggregate Concrete Specialists

Are you looking for a company with experience installing concrete driveways in your area? Create a unique design with an attractive, non-slip surface with exposed aggregate concrete installations from Benco Concrete Inc. This low-maintenance, decorative style of concrete is perfect for your driveways, patios and sidewalks – virtually any exterior setting. The appeal of this type of application is in the finish, which exposes the smooth, textured small pebbles that are incorporated into the concrete. This is in comparison to more traditional, brushed concrete jobs where the visible surface is primarily the smaller “fines” within the concrete. Ready to see what we can do for you? Contact Benco Concrete Inc. today.

How is the Job Completed?

Many people believe that the pebbles in exposed aggregate concrete are adhered to the top of the concrete when it is still wet. That’s not the case. The concrete is mixed with a peastone or “pebble” mix and then poured, levelled and floated just like regular concrete. Our professionals then apply a concrete surface retardant to the top of the concrete which penetrates only about a quarter of an inch. What this means is that your concrete will harden except for the top layer. We then power wash the top surface that has been treated to expose the stones – or aggregate which is the reason for the term “exposed aggregate”.

Benco Concrete Inc. is pleased to install exposed aggregate concrete virtually anywhere. You will love this unique, beautiful look that has the durability, strength and flexibility of regular concrete.

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